Bill Douglas


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    How did I get here?

    Guys walk up to me all the time and ask what I did to look like this and how old I am.


    They want to know the "secret" to my fitness. They want to know what I eat and which supplements I take. They want to know my "tricks" for having youthful energy and building bulk while staying lean.


    And after hearing more about my story, they want to know how I became such an optimist after enduring so many difficult life circumstances. 


    For the last 15 years, I have been keeping diligent notes. I have tracked nearly every workout. I have logged most of my meals. I have researched. I have experimented.


    I have been an entrepreneur for more than 30 years. I have started and sold businesses.


    I have overcome severe health diagnoses and challenges. I have nearly died several times.


    And, if I had to sum up my success and why I look and feel and live better at nearly 60 than I did at 40, it would be one word:



  • My Purpose

    I believe in kindness.

    I believe in compassion.

    I believe in experiences over things.

    I believe in positively impacting others and giving back with gratitude.

    At this stage in my life, I am committed to giving back and helping like-minded individuals who will benefit from what I've learned about Resilience.


    I am extremely fortunate to have had the support of friends and family who helped make my life what it is today. I have come so far and learned so much. So many unique shared experiences. So many impactful life and business lessons. So much appreciation for the power of optimism and determination. So many beautiful sunsets in amazing places with incredible people.


    I love taking photos of sunrises & sunsets. Each day is a reminder of my personal mantra:

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  • The Resilience Method



    Your physical and mental wellness is core to your overall wellbeing. And your wellbeing is the result of your habits for sleep, exercise, diet and most importantly your mental outlook. If your mind and body are strong, you can overcome any challenge or obstacle life throws at you.



    Whether you are an entrepreneur or are working towards a specific lifestyle goal, a growth mindset to business will change your trajectory. Your professional life is essential to enabling other areas of your life. And if your career is your life, it's time to change your perspective.



    If achieving your life goals were easy, you would have done it already. Change is hard and most people can't do it alone. There's a reason why top performing athletes, celebrities and business leaders all have coaches. And an accountability ritual is the ultimate secret weapon to making change and achieving results.

  • Coaching / Accountability

    Leveraging The Resilience Method, I work with a small number of individuals for 6-12 month accountability engagements.


    Please reach out if you are ready to take action and would like to discuss how I can support your specific or holistic goals:







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  • Bill's free gift to anyone:

    The Entrepreneur's ReBoot

    ReBOOT Your LIFE!


    Energize Your Life and Your Success!

    • Learn how to restore, regenerate, and recharge yourself for maximum success in business and life.
    • ReBOOT and refresh both your body and your mind.
    • Eliminate the sabotaging traits stopping you from living the life you desire.

    Mary L. Columbia, SC

    “The Entrepreneur’s ReBOOT was exactly what I needed. It prepared me physically and mentally to begin a new phase of growth in my life and my business. I am grateful for your gift, Bill! “

    Martin W. San Francisco

    “I was burned out and near failure. A forum mate recommended I download this ReBOOT. It’s truly been a game-changer for me. Quite impactful. Thank you!”

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