Win this day by taking steps toward your future

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We all have things in our past that we are both proud of and ashamed of. 
The best part is, that’s all behind us. 
The past needn’t determine your future.
Every day you get to decide what you’ll do with this day, this life.
Take the past wins and build on them.
Take the past losses and learn from them, then let them go.
YOU get to determine your future.
Don’t wait for “someday”. Start it today.
“Someday” never comes.
– Someday when I feel more confident….
– Someday when I know how to…..
– Someday when I have the time….
– Someday when I have the money….
“Someday” is an excuse. Don’t use it!
You are capable of anything. ANYTHING.
What are you waiting to do?
How can you stop waiting and take action?
Win this day by taking steps toward your future.
Release your past. Embrace your future.
Focus your eyes and your mind onward and upward!
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