Be Strategic About Your Success – Surrender, Assess and Press On

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Surrender breeds Strategic Success Surender breeds Strategic Success

Life…. the sum of who we are, what we accomplish, what we overcome and how we impact others.  To me, work is but a part of life however much of modern society feels compelled to judge one’s life by one’s work.

Mastering life has long been a passion of mine. By mastering, I simply mean savoring each day and each moment.  As I explained in a 2010 USA Today article, “Life is a gift, meant to be enjoyed, pursued and shared. Failure happens, but life and health are worth so much more.”

Author George Leonard defines “The courage of a master is his or her willingness to surrender.” I’ve come to learn that only in surrender can I truly live.

Every time I’ve faced a challenge I’ve had the choice to 1) bow up and fight it, or 2) surrender to the obvious, assess strengths & weaknesses, and press forward.

When I’ve chosen door number 1, I’ve lived to regret my decision.  Door number 2 has consistently lead to personal growth, business growth, and mastery of the subject at hand.

Surrender doesn’t mean giving up – it is not a sign of weakness.  It takes guts to surrender to that which one cannot control.  Surrender means acceptance of reality.  Once surrender happens, then we can assess and learn.  We can begin to learn, press forward and move on to greater things.

In business, this should mean a post-mortem to identify what went wrong, what we learned, and how to capitalize on the inevitable opportunity created.  In life it may mean owning our part in a damaged or failed relationship; it may mean acceptance of a life impacting diagnosis or event.  When we surrender, we put aside pride with the pure intent to learn and move forward.

Success breeds from surrender.  During crisis, chaos and/or challenges we discover who we are.  Every successful person has had failures, as has every business. Failure does not define them; instead, they leverage it to define success.

Greatness is not circumstance, it’s a conscious choice and discipline.  I challenge you to put aside what you’re holding onto.  Choose to define your own success.

Be strategic about your success.  Surrender, assess, and press forward. After all, “Life is a gift, meant to be pursued, shared, and enjoyed!”

~ Bill

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