Letterman: Strategic, Brilliant & Relentlessly Focused

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I love Letterman.  What a class act and classic interviewer, let alone an elite comedian.

Letterman did one thing very early in life: he recognized his unique strength. And then, he stuck with it.  

He recognized, as a boy, that speaking in front of the class was the easiest thing he’d ever done.  So, he decided to become a broadcaster.  And, he stuck with it.

Even after he landed his show, he continued to refine his craft.  He worked hard, and remained focused.

Even when he switched networks, he stuck with it.  He remained himself and continued to push the norm.

In business and in life, we can all learn something from Letterman, like him or not:Recognize your unique strengths and focus your efforts there.

Don’t spend time and/or energy on things you don’t like.  Don’t go on a tangent with products/services that are not at your company’s core.  Do what you are gifted at, and do that which your gut gets fired up about!

Many of us will feel the loss of Letterman, one of TV’s most innovative and unpredictable broadcasters, who in 1982 took a sleepy NBC time slot and transformed it into Top 10 Lists, Stupid Pet Tricks and decades worth of pioneering comedy bits.

The NY Times and Rolling Stone and a plethora of other pubs are all praising Letterman.  I remember when those same pubs didn’t speak so fondly of him at times.  And yet, he stuck with it.

I’ll remember Dave as a focused, strategic businessman and as a comedian & broadcaster that executed flawlessly and relentlessly, in total congruence with his values and his strengths.

Be strategic.  Remain focused.  Go with your gut.  Have fun!

“Life is a Gift!”

~ Bill

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