ReBOOT Yourself to Turn On Your Business & Your Life

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ReBOOT yourself in 12 days!

When was the last time you woke up on your own fully rested – eager and energized to start your day?

Think back… perhaps it was day six of a seven-day vacation that you were last in balance, enjoying your natural flow of energy. For most adults, this surplus of energy is rare. You need a 12 day ReBOOT!

In contrast, think of how a child awakens each day. My sons pop out of bed every morning with their tank full. No need for a grande coffee to get them going. Naturally invigorated they greet the day ahead with enthusiasm.

Think back to your morning…were you awakened far before dawn with anxious thoughts that left you staring at the ceiling wishing for sleep? If you were able to sleep, what was the first sound you heard upon waking? Was it a radio station blasting or the screeching sound of an alarm buzzer tossing your cells into their own alarm state? For most, the day begins with a moderate voltage wake-up jolt that shocks us awake followed by our energy-compensating practice of consuming a favorite double caffeinated brew, a long shower and whatever else it takes to get us back on the warrior path.

We’ve become so accustomed to living in a fatigued, compromised energy state brought on by chronic stress that we accept it as the norm. Many actually embrace it as a catalyst to get moving. Chronic stress drains us from the inside by stealing our energy, creativity and vitality. When the effects of stress are combined with poor nutrition and lack of sleep it is a recipe for physical, mental and emotional depletion – a virtual house of cards ready to collapse at any moment.

You eventually note the enormous expanding gap between the life you could be living and the life you’ve settled for. You may even begin to accept the gradual weight gain, drop in energy levels, disappointing or declining sex life, all as a price to be paid to get ahead as an entrepreneur.

I’ll get my life back after the business is bigger, or when I sell it”.

Then one day, elevated by a sense of urgency, you decide from your overstressed, over-committed state that now is the time to get in shape, so you take on a plan in hopes to correct this physical wreck in mid-collision.

Sure, I can do it all” you tell yourself. The Big Red “S” on your chest carefully concealed, you dive into change things by adding a new workout, diet or life plan –taking it head on like you’d dive into a swimming pool – although in your overstressed state it’s as if you’re diving in with both hands tied behind your back while wearing cement galoshes. To your great astonishment you sink like a rock, only to blame the water instead of your compromised state and lack of preparation.

Reality is that trying to improve the family/business balancing act (what I call the TFBBA) of life with expectations to boost your daily energy or invigorate your sex life while you are physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted, your efforts will fall flat. They will reflect the depleted state. You’ll wind up another casualty of the mysterious “loss of motivation or discipline.”

The Entrepreneur’s ReBOOT™ will stop the depletion and give you the platform for transformation. Maybe that transformation is a new business, maybe it’s re-focusing on your family, maybe it’s getting you out of your business, maybe it’s a new fitness objective… regardless, this ReBOOT builds a foundation for your entrepreneurial success.

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