5 Keys to Elevate Your LAF and Improve Your Life

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Poor kids happy and appreciate life Poverty stricken neighborhood full of happy Haitians

There is a deep rooted factor affecting your self worth, your confidence and your attitude. It impacts your health, your stress, your sleep, your success and your relationships.

Your Life Appreciation Factor drives so much of your world. I call it your LAF, all puns intended.

The beauty is: YOU control your own life appreciation!
Improve your LAF and you improve your life. You are in the driver’s seat. You’re the captain of your ship.

Let me share some ways to elevate your LAF, therefore improving your balance, your success and your happiness:

1. Identify your personal core values. Your company has core values, have you personally identified yours? When you’ve identified your own values, then you have a compass by which to set your calendar and to make your decisions. There are no wrong answers here – simply identify 3 to 5 core values. I mean personal values. What matters the most to you in life?

Example: One of my personal core values is “Life is a Gift”. To me, that phrase reminds me of all that I have and value in my life. I’ve been close to death several times and through those experiences have come to realize my blessings. I have a wonderful life and I treasure it!

2. Assess and appreciate what you DO have. This will fight the “taken for granted” syndrome. Make a list of your blessings. Identify all the things in you life that you treasure. These could be things, people, opportunities…. whatever you value that you already have.

Example: I volunteered in Haiti after the huge earthquake in 2010. There I saw death, poverty and deep despair, yet the people were happy (Note the photo on this blog. Happy kids, despite very little food and water.) When I landed back in the U.S. I was overwhelmingly grateful for running water I could drink, power everywhere, food aplenty, not to mention police, paved roads, and democracy. Less than 5% of the world is born an American – I’d long ago hit the lottery.

3. Work to live, instead of living to work. You know I’m a staunch believer in balance. I relentlessly press this point with clients, friends, even family. I use work to enhance my life; I don’t define myself by work, titles, or money. The former is much more rewarding than the latter. Admittedly, it wasn’t always like this for me. It took conscious effort and a few hard lessons for me to change.

4. Focus on injecting positive energy into other’s lives. This means giving back, paying it forward, positively impacting others. You’ll be amazed how rewarding it can be. The simple act of giving and helping others will change your whole day for the better. When you’ve done this enough to make it a habit, your entire life will change.

Example: I gave back, volunteered & helped, and that trip to Haiti changed my life. The Haitian people were happy despite having nearly nothing. They were so full of smiles and positive energy. If happiness was measured in possessions, they’d be miserable. To the contrary, they were overwhelmingly happy. They exhibited balance, even amidst catastrophe, and had a very high LAF.

5. Choose gratitude. It’s very easy to be ungrateful, particularly in today’s world of negative information constantly pushed at us. You can stay informed without getting too absorbed. Try to find the good in everything. I choose to focus on the positive in any situation, and I change the subject if a conversation turns negative. You are what you think, so protect your thoughts!

Elevate your LAF to improve your entire life. You have a wonderful life and you are in control of your appreciation of it. Elevate your LAF and you will laugh more, love more and live more.

Obviously, everyone endures hardships. It’d be ridiculous for me to claim otherwise. However, with a high LAF those hardships come in the context of a wonderful life, therefore becoming less negatively impactful.

Life is a Gift! Let’s live it and love it with appreciation!

~ bill

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