Graduation was Years Ago, But Life Commencement is Now

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Hard to believe (particularly for me because youngest finishes high school tomorrow) but it’s graduation season again. It’s a “Commencement”, as every boring speaker explains at every one of these ceremonies you’ve ever been to.

These kids get to graduate from a school that, by now, they are bored of. They have no idea how many opportunities lie ahead. Instead, they are just so glad to “be done”. Remember those days?

So, I ask you:

  • What do you want to graduate from?
  • What have you graduated from lately?
  • What do you want to commence?

If you’re still in the same place you were at New Year’s, that’s on you. Nobody else, nothing else.

I’m not trying to be brutal – I have stuff to deal with, too – but waiting around doesn’t accomplish anything.

If you’ve successfully started something new, different, enlightening, then good for you! Celebrate!

I remember the day I decided to “graduate” from a company I had started. Was it going to make it? Eventually, yes, sales were building. Was it going to provide for my family? No, not in time, we were going to have a cashflow shortfall.

So, I closed it down and we decided to move to Colorado where I bought into a solid company and provided for the family in a much better environment.

I remember the day I decided to “graduate” from my marriage. Was my marriage going to make it? No, and I finally knew it. I gave it everything. I left nothing on the field. It was time.

Despite being clear on my decision, that was a difficult day. And it was the commencement of the new me. The happier me. The more successful me.

These graduating kids have it so good. Just follow the process and graduate. Life isn’t always like that, but we can strive to make it simpler for ourselves.

  • How can you simplify the things in your life to graduate from?
  • How can you simplify the emotions and clean up the burdensome areas of your life?


I don’t claim to have the answers, but the process is straightforward. I lead a successful program to rebuild your life, your business & your wealth after divorce and there are obviously many other resources readily available to you.

Spend time on you. Graduate and Commence! It’s not selfish, it’s selfless. Remove the baggage wherever you can. I have a friend that refers to “all those rocks in my backpack”. Whatever the analogy, give it a try!

Do the work. Own your problems.

Then, watch the world open up to you again, just like it did when you graduated during your youth!

After all, Life is a Gift!

~ bill

30 years of strategic, entrepreneurial business growth along with two brushes with death have earned him the tag “ResilienceGuy”. Bill Douglas is an accomplished Mentor, Coach & Speaker helping entrepreneurs & executives with growth and strength.

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