How would you like to double your technology ROI, dramatically cut expenses, and deliver true bottom-line results? Would you like to achieve IT Operational Excellence throughout your organization? What about turning your IT department into a profit center?

In today’s world, technology is the engine that drives business success . To effectively navigate the dynamic and complex technology landscape and stay ahead of your competition, the answer can be found in IT Operational Excellence.

There are any strategies to cost-effectively design, develop, implement, and manage your IT resources and infrastructure, while you remain focused on your core business: serving your customers, employees, and shareholders.

It is possible to reduce your in-house IT expenses and also limit the additional full-time employees traditionally required for business growth. Additional benefits can include:

  1. Dramatically reduced expenses, both capital (CapEx) and operating (OpEx);
  2. Increased profits (i.e. real dollars) to your bottom-line; and
  3. Better utilization of current staff for revenue and business generating activities.

We must first start with a detailed and objective evaluation and assessment of your organization and its resources. For example, I first evaluate any organization from technology management, strategy, and process perspectives against the IT Operational Excellence Maturity Model.

This Maturity Model helps determine where your organization currently stands in terms of technology use, and therefore giving a roadmap towards reaching your targeted goals. It ranks each of the following categories on a scale of zero to six: People, Process, Technology, Financial, and Business Strategy.

Operational Excellence can be defined as a sustained improvement or quality over time to create a lean, best-in-class organization that continuously performs at a high and efficient level.

For your organization, IT Operational Excellence can mean:

  • Transforming the IT organization from a cost center to a profit center;
  • Creating a business-focused culture throughout the organization;
  • Dynamically optimizing IT to implement processes that foster business innovation and success;
  • Proactively promoting new technologies and share their impact on your business across your organization; and
  • Expanding enterprise value and drive innovation through strategic IT investments.

IT is a competitive advantage to your business, not simply a cost on your P&L. Leverage and apply it accordingly to reap the rewards, becoming stronger, more resilient, and more profitable.