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Become Awakened & Aware Become Awakened & Aware

After 30 years of business experience in many cultures, industries, and roles, I’ve seen first hand that success and happiness often aren’t synonymous, but they are definitely not oxymorons. Many of my clients hire me to be their executive coach, so rather than blog purely about work I’m going to take the liberty to delve into topics of real life, both work and personal.

I am passionate about life. It is truly a gift, one to be treasured, shared, and enjoyed. My friends and family, even my clients, will tell you that I walk this walk, it’s not just talk. After being close to the edge a few times, I’ve learned to truly treasure life.

Do I struggle to be happy at times? Certainly. I’d be lying if I said otherwise. Happiness is a choice. All of us have, at one time or another, chosen not to be happy. In other words, we were down, sad, or even depressed. Assuming a healthy mental state, it wasn’t the circumstance or the environment that makes us unhappy, we chose to be.

To be truly happy, one must become awakened… aware of one’s self and of others. Able to recognize negative feelings for what they are. Able to be happy for someone else’s success. Able to own our feelings, our ego, our actions. Able to accept the hand we’ve been dealt. Able to be accountable to ourselves. Able to give freely without any expectations.

Self awareness should go even deeper…. Are you conscious of those you allow in your inner circle of friends and influencers? Are you aware of your goals? Do you have a personal vision statement? What are your values? What criteria drive your decisions? If you answered no to any of these, then make a conscious effort to become awakened!

Awareness is timeless…. When you’re awakened, you can let go of the past and the future. Let me explain. Plain and simple, we must forgive ourself and others for the past. If we don’t, then we’re assigning ourself to punishment – by and from our self. However, we must also let go of any artificial self image so that we don’t constantly strive for an unrealistic or unobtainable future. The future and the past have no power over the awakened.

You have no doubt had successes in your life. Did you appreciate them? If so, good for you! Many simply want more and that obsessive “more” drive leaves them no time or ability to feel good about their accomplishments. Executives and entrepreneurs are particularly guilty here. Goals are great; growth is good; more can be positive. Give yourself credit where credit is due.

Maybe you’re kicking butt at work, but home life struggles. Or, maybe you’ve got a great marriage but your professional life is lacking. Whatever the case, take stock in what you DO HAVE. Savor the good. Savor the time with those you cherish.

Gratitude is an incredibly positive emotion. It drives happiness, and that happiness can become infectious; it will carry over to every part of your life.

It’s not a zero sum game – you don’t have to sacrifice happiness in one part of your life to have it in another. You don’t have to be miserable because you are successful, nor do you have to be fail to become happy. You can be successful and truly happy.

Want what you have rather than unhappily strive to have what you want. The choice is yours.

Become AWAKENED – to you, to your awesome life, to all that to you do have.

Life is a Gift!

~ bill

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1 Comment

  • Lisa Wilson
    on June 23, 2015 Reply

    Awesome post Bill. As a member of Entrepreneur Organization (EO) for 7 years, it was quite the interesting opportunity to observe the common factors among people that would be defined as successful by business standards. Some of these people were personally happy, and some were not. What did I see as the most common trait of the happy? Definitely gratefulness. Grateful with whatever level of business success they have achieved. They were grateful for their wives, accepting her humanness. I respected those guys. One conversation I had in this group resulted in this conclusion: Be always grateful and content, and never satisfied or stagnant. We concluded that it is important to balance ambition and recognize when ambition has turned to struggle.

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