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Bill is an expert consultant to any business. His passion is resilience, and he makes positive impacts on every business he works with regardless of their continent/location. He’s an elite operator with the ability to think big and speak plainly. Our business has benefitted from his help and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their company.Kevin Conlon, CEO, Kinnect (Australia)

I have known Bill for 9 years through our common bond of entrepreneurial adventure. Bill’s sincere desire to help others at any cost and eerily complimentary zest for living are immeasurable in a world where so many people “want” and “say”, but don’t “do”. Bill is as genuine as they get.Brad Dupee, CRO, FreeConferenceCall (USA)

I have had the pleasure of studying in the Entrepreneurial Masters Program at MIT with Bill. Bill has proven to have extremely wise business insight and acumen. Additionally, he has an incredible life story that is truly motivational! He is clearly a very resilient and bright invididual which shows in both his personal and business life. I highly recommend him.Kristi Herold, Director, Toronto Sport & Social Club (Canada)

I have used Bill’s services in a number of occasions. I have been impressed with Bill’s ethics and integrity.Brad Shefrin, Managing Partner, PJCKN (USA)

Bill is a highly-skilled professional who was instrumental in assisting with the launch of my start-up in 2008. I have continued to employ Bill’s expertise as my company grows. I highly recommend him.Greg Elliott, Owner, Visiting Angels (USA)

Bill is one of the most versatile professionals I know. He brings a wealth of background and experience to everything he does. He also is very focused on bringing mutual benefit and value to everyone he works with.Dan McVaugh, COO, Centerline Solutions (USA)

Bill is an amazingly talented leader who achieves results in the face of the most daunting circumstances. His firm grasp of the technical aspects of a situation, combined with his ability to see the big picture clearly allow him to lead, clearly and decisively, to a result that reaches above what anyone thought possible. I respect Bill’s ability to listen without bias, ask revealing questions, offer seasoned and grounded opinions, and act as a level-headed sounding board for some very tough situations. His big-company leadership experience, startup success, and grounded perspective are quite valuable.Rick Kreuser, Sr. Manager, Navigant (Europe)

Bill has provided extremely valuable services that have improved each of our businesses. He promised to think big and speak plainly, and he delivered. Bill has an incredible life story; after hearing him tell it I was moved and inspired. He’s genuine and his intentions are to help everyone involved.Peter Smits, CEO, GlobalTrak (South Africa)

Bill is a great guy. He is professional, witty, intelligent, and passionate about doing the right thing. I truly respect his integrity and his ability to see the important issues in a business relationship. He has been outstanding as a business partner. I highly recommend Bill to anyone.Scott Price, VP, Sustainable Corrugated (USA)

Having known Bill for more than 25 years now, I’m continually impressed with his entrepreneurial vision and drive. He possesses that rare ability to be dogged in the pursuit of his ideas, yet remain open to other ways.Jim Butterworth, Founder, Naked Edge Films (USA)