7 Surefire Keys to Nourish Executive Success

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Nourishing Executive Success Nourishing Executive Success

Executive success. Sounds straightforward, right? Easier said than done,  because success does not simply happen. Success comes to those that are intentional.

We all have successes and failures…. in life, in business, at home. For the purpose of this post, let’s focus on business/work.

How do you nourish executive success?

During 30 years of being an entrepreneurial executive, I’ve seen trends come and go.  I’ve witnessed overnight successes that flamed out, and I’ve witnessed long-term successes that stood the test of time.

That’s why I love coaching so much! I am blessed to work with exceptional people that are open to change, to learning, and to continuous improvement.

Now, let’s get to the point.  Here are the 7 things you should do to maximize executive success. These apply whether you’re an aspiring executive or are currently an exec; whether you’re a corporate soldier or an entrepreneur.

1. Know your purpose. Success does not come by accident. You have company core values and company plans, why don’t you have your own core values identified along with a personal mission statement?  Hint: Take some personal time to clarify these. I suggest the classic “Think and Grow Rich” to help with identification and visualization of your own personal success, as defined by you. If you want help with a personal painted picture (i/e. vision statement), please let me know.

2. Feed your mind. Never stop learning. Seek information that lifts and challenges you. Don’t settle for what you know; seek that which you don’t know. Examples: read, listen to podcasts and audio books, seek deep conversations with peers and mentors.  Hint: the TV is usually a poor source of lifting information.

3. Feed your body. Don’t think diet – think meal plan. You plan your business life, why not plan your nutrition? Eat clean. Keep it simple. Settle into a routine, particularly during the work week. Hint: only shop on the outer ring of the grocery store; if you must venture into an aisle, leave your cart on the end and know what it is you’re “going in” for.

4. Rest your body. Sleep is not overrated. Get a solid nights sleep, every night. Build a routine that settles your mind and body on your way towards bed, which will enable you to fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.  Hint: shower and/or meditate before bed; read and recite your mission statement in bed.

5. Protect your body. It houses your mind and it’s the home of your future. Exercise. You don’t have to be a lunatic or go for the Ironman. Simply exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Start with what you enjoy and see where you progress over time. You will get more energy from this, while clearing your mind and reducing your stress. Hint: Even on your craziest days, you can find 30 minutes for a walk.

6. Stop working so much! Hire more of the right folks and delegate those tasks which are not strategic. Focus yourself on your strengths, not on improving your weaknesses. Yes, you always work hard. I’m challenging you to work smarter, and work less. Hint: If you cannot walk away from your position for a month without catastrophe, then you have not succeeded on this point.

7. Pay it forward. Give back with gratitude. You know your strengths, now help others with those. Mentor, volunteer, get involved. You can do this on company time. If you control the policies, then consider a charitable time off policy to encourage everyone in the company to impact their own local community. Hint: I’ve never incurred actual hard costs by having a charitable time off policy at any of my companies. The teams always covered for the volunteering co-worker and the customers loved the fact that employees were off doing great things.

If you need help with exercise, nutrition, purpose, or charitable time off policies, reach out to me! I’d be honored to help you in any way I can.

You. It all starts with you.  

Nourish your executive success by feeding your body, mind and soul, and by acting with purpose with gratitude.

People on purpose. Call it my mission statement…helping people with purpose succeed beyond their own expectations.

I am grateful for you all!
~ bill

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