7 Steps to a Youthful Life: Feel, Think & Act Younger

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A youthful ResilienceGuy jumps huge cliff Bill Douglas jumps from huge cliff at Lake Powell

Age. We all fear it. Media and movies tell us we can beat it. Reality is, everyone is aging at the same pace. The question is, how old do you act?  How old do you feel? And, most importantly, how old do you think?

I believe the mind drives the body.  “You are only as old as you think you are”, so be careful what you think! Pursuing life is a core value of mine. If I’m feeling old and tired then I’m failing myself and those in my life.

I’m a staunch believer that youthful thinking and youthful actions make me feel younger. I don’t care about a youthful appearance, I want to have the energy and desire to fully pursue and enjoy all of my life, regardless of what age I am.

Some may call that childish, even ludicrous, but I choose to have a youthful attitude. You don’t have to jump off a huge cliff (like me in the photo above) in order to be youthful, but feeling youthful is what made me want to do it!  What a great experience I shared with my sons that day… Life is a gift!

I coach others to be youthful and live a full life. Don’t settle for the “getting old” excuse. Being youthful drives happiness, creativity and success. Of course we’re not kids like we used to be, but we can always be youthful!

In a future post, I’ll touch on how to get your company to be eager, nimble and youthful. This article is focused on you, the person, the being.

Here are 7 simple steps to help you feel, think, and act more youthful, too:

  1. Exercise.  You don’t have to be a crossfire competitor, an Ironman, or a bodybuilder…. just exercise regularly and watch your youthful energy re-appear! Exercise is the absolute best anti-aging remedy.
  2. Food. No, I didn’t say diet. Call it your meal plan. Do these simple things and your physical energy will increase. Increase your physical energy and you can do more of the youthful things you’re avoiding now. I could elaborate for pages on this, but here’s a simple, solid start. Try these for 2 weeks and notice how your energy changes: a) Eat lean protein and lots of veggies; b) Avoid packaged foods; c) Eliminate sugar (OK, at least reduce it!); d) Drink more water (gallon a day)
  3. Sleep.  You know how much sleep your body needs each night. Give it at least that much. It’s only fair that you prepare your body and your energy level with replenishing sleep. And, don’t be ashamed to take a nap!  Many other societies around the world take daily naps, and they also have lower stress issues.
  4. Quiet time. Some people meditate, some journal. I relax when exercising or playing guitar.  Give yourself at least 20 minutes of quiet time daily to think, breathe, and clear your head.  Do whatever it is that best relaxes you.  Be like a kid and lose track of pleasure time; not everything you do has to have an agenda.
  5. Watch your words.  When you speak, you are programming yourself and attracting what you project.  Instead of saying “I can’t do that”, say “How can I?”.  Instead of starting with “no” when asked to do something, particularly with someone, start with an emphatic “yes!”. Endless experiences await you. Welcome those experiences with childlike eyes.
  6. Learn new skills.  Old people stop learning; youthful people are eager leaners. Live your life with a burning desire to learn from everything and everyone you come in contact with.  Be a sponge, and don’t be afraid of new.
  7. Have generational friends.  Stay connected with people from younger generations, not just those from your own age group. You re the average of those you surround yourself with. Bring your average down in age and your youthful energy will increase! 


It doesn’t matter if you’re 30, 50, 80 or 100 years old.  A youthful attitude can bring more happiness. It will help you love and live your life more passionately.

No matter what your age…..Be youthful.  Think youthfully.  Live a youthful life!

~ bill

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