6 Traits of Resilience Building CEOs

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Resilience Buiders

Resilience is an organization’s capacity to anticipate and react to change, not only to survive, but also to evolve, including both the capability to recover from crisis and to capitalize on change. The term is heavily used in management literature for all things related to risk and change.

Leaders today need do more than simply innovate incrementally; they must take advantage of significant shifts. No small task, this means configuring all new business models, developing new markets, confronting the unknown, and hurdling unprecedented challenges.

Resilient minded CEOs have the confidence to take on the higher levels of risk needed to realize the intended reward. Their resilient organization can quickly recover from adverse events, becoming even stronger, able to detect opportunity amidst any disruption.

It’s important to acknowledge that disruptions aren’t limited to natural disasters; disruptions come to markets, competitors, currencies, world events, compliance, and on, and on…. and, disruptions create growth opportunities.

Here’s what we know about resilience building CEOs….

They tend to:

  • Expect to grow, despite any condition(s)
  • Anticipate competition from outside their industry
  • Pay attention to societal concerns
  • Show greater concern about a range of threats to growth prospects
  • Collaborate with non-traditional partners
  • Enter a new industry themselves


Resilience Builders, we’ll call them, are watchful of disruption and preoccupied with a range of concerns. For example, 74% of these CEOs (compared to 61% overall) expect increased competition from traditional and new sources and 68% of them (compared to 54% overall) worry about new market entrants (PWC CEO Survey 2015).

As I’ve trumped for years, it’s clear that heightened risk awareness should not lead to defensive positioning. Quite the opposite – Resilience is the greatest competitive advantage. These best in class CEO’s expect to grow. They are venturing outside of their core sectors and preparing to face-off with non-traditional competitors, dynamic market fluctuations, and anything else in their way.

Growth means taking risks. Resilience drives evolution while reducing volatility.

What sets Resilience Building CEO’s apart? It is not solely their strategy, culture, or risk management. It’s their ability to integrate all three. They systematically pursue resilience as an essential core value, instilling it in their strategic planning and their culture.

~ Bill

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